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Apollo and the
trials of Hercules


Type: Play
Pages: 52 pg
Casting Breakdown: 11 characters + ensemble (Doubling is possible) | This production was designed for a cast including transgender actors. All pronouns can be altered as needed to be appropriate for your actors. 
Estimated Run Time: 65 minutes
Age Recommendation: Ages 9+

Apollo’s father has gone missing and the 14-year-old is trying to find answers – to who they are, who they will become, but mostly what happened to their Mythology professor's father? Suddenly Apollo is swept away on the adventure of a lifetime where all things become clear. OK – to be honest, things get really confusing for a while, I mean there’s the Underworld, different gods appearing, a cyclops, but ultimately Apollo finds the path forward. From the writing team that brought you the rollicking adventure Robin Hood comes another instant classic filled with mischief, mayhem, fighting, fury and just pure fun.

Available for licensing through Plays for New Audiences. 

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